Why I’m Running

I want to be a judge because I want to use my experience to help people solve their problems.

When someone has a problem, it’s like a stone thrown in a pond. It has a ripple effect on everything else in their life.

Whether it’s being fired from a job you’ve had for fifteen years, or your spouse suddenly leaves you, or your loved one gets arrested. It affects you. Your family. Your finances. Your mental and emotional health. Your ability to enjoy life. 

When these problems come before the court, all that may depend on a judge.

You probably picture that judge as a person high up, behind an imposing bench, wearing a black robe, pronouncing a decision.

I want to be a different kind of judge. I want to get out from that bench and sit at the table with you. Take off my robe and roll up my sleeves. Help you solve your problem.

A judge has to listen. Every situation is unique, every person who comes before the court is fighting a battle, and just wants to be heard.

I will do that. I will use my 36 years of practicing every kind of law there is, throughout this state and in federal court, to help people solve problems.

Whether it’s family, civil, or criminal law, I’ve done it. I started my career in Detroit fighting for people without means. Throughout my career, I’ve stood up for the rights of the underserved, the abused and the accused, victims of discrimination, young people and students, and workers everywhere.

As a judge, I will no longer be able to fight for an individual client, but I can still be an advocate. A problem solver. A voice for justice.

Nick with his beloved barber, Roosevelt “Rosey” Rowry

A voice for justice