MY Promises

Family Law


Most cases before the court involve divorce and other family issues.

My pledge:

I will work to ensure that relationship partners are safe, that children are in stable and nurturing environments, that parties have access to mental health and substance abuse resources, and that litigation is fair and efficient for represented and non-represented litigants alike – with alternative conflict resolution encouraged.

My qualifications:

  • Significant litigation of domestic violence injunctions, personal protection orders, and divorce cases in Wayne and Washtenaw Counties
  • Experience in probate and juvenile law
  • Published article on “Marital Torts Can Be a Valuable Tool In Divorce Cases” in July, 2019 Michigan Bar Journal and presented to Washtenaw County Bar Association Family Law Section
  • Served as Guardian Ad Litem to make recommendations on settlements to families
  • Decades of community service to children, students, and families
  • Endorsed by family law judicial officers, Friend of Court workers, and family law attorneys

The Court


The Circuit Court hears Family Law, Civil Cases, and Criminal Felonies for all of Washtenaw County.

All Washtenaw County voters will have an opportunity to vote in the primary election on August 4, 2020, and the top two vote-getters will advance to the general election on November 3, 2020.

criminal Law


The Circuit Court decides felonies with maximum penalties up to life in prison.

My pledge:

Crime victims deserve protection, and the safety of our community is paramount.  Criminal defendants are entitled to the presumption of innocence and due process. I will order pretrial release whenever warranted by law, make mental health and substance abuse services available, and provide second chances when appropriate.

My qualifications:

  • Defended and tried numerous felony cases over a fourteen-year period
  • Represented many students and worked to protect their records to make sure that they did not suffer civil disabilities from their criminal cases
  • Worked to ensure that non-citizens were protected from removal as a collateral consequence of their convictions


civil Law


The Circuit Court hears civil disputes where the amount of controversy is over $25,000, injunctions for emergency relief, and appeals from the district courts.

My pledge:

I will ensure that injured parties and other litigants are listened to and fairly heard, that alternative conflict resolution is available, and that cases don’t get bogged down in needless discovery disputes. I will make firm decisions to resolve cases efficiently and fairly.

My qualifications:

  • All aspects of civil litigation in state (and federal) courts, including employment, business, contracts, personal injury, wrongful death disputes, and civil and criminal appeals
  • Appointed by the Washtenaw County Circuit Court to act as a receiver to wind down the affairs of a corporation, and to mediate disputes before the court
  • Michigan has recently adopted the federal court rules regarding discovery; my federal litigation experience will make this an easy transition

Canon 7 of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct states that candidates “shall not, in connection with cases, controversies, or issues that are likely to come before the court, make pledges, promises, or commitments about conduct in office that are inconsistent with the impartial performanceof the adjudicative duties of judicial office.”