Elected and Public Officials

Dana Nessel

Michigan Attorney General

Nick’s candidacy is endorsed by 

Elected Officials, Judges, Attorneys, Union, and Community Leaders

Chris Kolb

Michigan Budget Director

Former President Michigan Environment Council

Former State Representative

Former Ann Arbor City Council

Alma Wheeler Smith

Chair, Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights

Former State Senator

Former State Representative

“I have known and worked with Nick Roumel for 25 years.  NIck is a knowledgeable, hard working, trusrtworthy attorney who will be an outstanding judge”
Lloyd Carr 

Former Michigan Football Coach

Hon. Julia B. Owdziej, Judge

Washtenaw County Circuit Court

Hon. Nancy Wheeler, Judge (Ret.)

Washtenaw County Circuit Court

Hon. Douglas Shapiro

Michigan Court of Appeals

“Many fine lawyers have appeared before me in my seven years on the bench as well as in my dozen years in my present capacity as a Labor Arbitrator. Roumel was among the best and was routinely well prepared, intellectually engaged, knowledgeable, and honorable in his presentation of the facts and law… an essential attribute for a judge is decency, and Roumel possesses that quality.”
Doyle O’Connor

Administrative Law Judge (ret.) and Labor Arbitrator

John Hieftje

Former Mayor, Ann Arbor

Bryan Johnson

President, Ann Arbor School Board

Lana Pollack

Former State Senator,

President, Michigan Environmental Council

Hon. Michelle Deatrick

Former Vice Chair, Washtenaw County Commission

National Chair and Founder, DNC Environment and Climate Crisis Council

Katie Scott

Washtenaw County Commissioner

Leah Gunn

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Alicia Ping

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Conan Smith

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Beth Bashert

Mayor of Ypsilanti

Lawrence Kestenbaum

Washtenaw County Clerk

Evan Pratt

Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

Susan Baskett

Trustee, Ann Arbor School Board

Anne Bannister

Ann Arbor City Council

Linda Edwards-Brown

Pittsfield Township Trustee

Monica Ross-Williams

Ypsilanti Township Trustee and Candidate for Treasurer

Janis Bobrin

Former Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

John C. Austin

Former President, State Board of Education

Rodrick K. Green

Washtenaw County Road Commission

Dave DeVarti

Washtenaw Community College Board of of Trustees

Adam Zemke

Former State Representative

Jen Eyer

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Kathy Griswold

Ann Arbor City Council

Joan Lowenstein

Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority Board, Former Ann Arbor City Council

Jeffrey Gaynor

Ann Arbor School Board

John Hansen
Former state representative 
Dexter Schools Supt. (Ret.)
Larry Hunter

Former Ann Arbor City Council

Julie Schumaker 

Dexter Board of Education

Brian Marl

Mayor of Saline

Kenneth Schwartz

Superior Twp. Supervisor

Mark Hopper

Former Mayor, Saline

Anthony Barker

Former President, Ann Arbor School Board

Vicky Rigney

Former President, Ann Arbor School Board

Cheryl Garnett

Former Vice-President, Ann Arbor School Board

Ann Lyzenga

Former Trustee, Ann Arbor School Board

Irene Patalan 

Former AAPS Trustee and Officer, Business Owner

Henry McQueen

Former Ann Arbor School Board

Wendy Woods

Former Ann Arbor City Council

Sally Hart Petersen

Former Ann Arbor City Council

Steve Wilcoxen

Ypsilanti City Council

Vivienne Armentrout

Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

Writer and publisher

Laurence Kloss

Former Trustee, Ann Arbor School Board

Paul Schreiber

Former Mayor of Ypsilanti


Linda Carter

Former President/Vice-President, Ann Arbor Education Association

“As Business Manager/President of the Skilled Trades Union until my retirement in August 2018, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Nick and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to organized labor. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. I confidently recommend Nick as Circuit Court Judge.”

Ken Chaves

President, UM Skilled Trades Union (Ret.)



“I’ve known Nick for 30 years and he’s a tireless fighter for human and  civil rights. In particular, in the 1990’s, we worked together on the “Scouting for Equality” task force to advocate for equality and inclusiveness… Nick’s knowledge is vast, he has broad experience and is committed to justice for all.  He will be an excellent judge.”
Jim Toy

Advocate for Justice

Founder, Jim Toy Community Center



Nick and I have worked side by side for nearly 30 years fighting for civil rights and civil liberties. He has incredible judgment and an uncanny ability to bring people together to solve problems. I strongly endorse Nick for judge and I’m sure he’ll make Washtenaw County proud.” 
Michael J. Steinberg 

Professor from Practice and Director of the

Civil Rights Litigation Initiative, University of Michigan Law School

Former litigation director, ACLU

Veronique Liem

Attorney and former judicial candidate

Doug Coskey


Don Darnell 


Toi Dennis


Sam Bernstein


Thomas Blaske


Kathleen Bogas 

 #1 Ranked Michigan Attorney, “Super Lawyers” 2019

Brian Koncius


Paul Reingold

Clinical Law Professor, UM

Francyne Stacey


Harvey Wax 


John Whitman


Ashish Joshi

Attorney and Author

JoAnne Barron

Judicial Attorney, Washtenaw County Trial Court

Daniel E. Manville

Clinical Professor of Law & Director, Civil Rights Clinic

Bruce Laidlaw

Former Ann Arbor City Attorney

Reid McCarthy

Ann Arbor Elder Law

Laura Athens

Attorney and Mediator, former Special Education Hearing Officer

Barry Gates


Douglas Mullkoff


Lander McLoyd


Frederick Fahrner


Will Tishkoff


Lorenzo D’Agostini


Michael J. Sullivan


John E.F. Gerlach


“I have known Nick Roumel personally and professionally  for about 28 years. I can attest to his impeccable character and legal skills. I highly endorse his judicial candidacy without hesitation.”

Stacey M. Washington

Attorney and former Ann Arbor Prosecutor

Randolph Barker

Kurt Berggren

David Blanchard

Megan Bonanni

Cynthia Bostwick

Darcie Brault

Joan Kooistra Brush

Lori Buiteweg 

Andy Buchsbaum

Stefani Carter

Nakisha Chaney

Charlotte Croson

Georgette David

Syeda Davidson

Kristen Davis

Peter Davis

Robert Dawid

Alexandra Dieck

Gregory Dodd

Kim Easter

Tiffany Ellis

Jeffrey Ellison

John Erdevig

Samuel Estenson

Barry Fagan

Suzy Fanning

Andy Fanta

George Feldman

Norman Fell

James Fifelski

James Fink

Nick Gable

Judah Garber

Donald Gasiorek

Mike Gatti

Dan Geherin

Amanda Ghannam

Parisa Ghazaeri

Siri Gottlieb

Joseph Hall

Denise Heberle

Alex Hermanowski

Frances Hollander

Noah Hurwitz

Matthew Jane

Erika Julien

Jay Kaplan

Barb Kelly

Robert Keyes

Robert Killewald

Min Kim

John Kline

David Kotwicki

David Kotzian

Barbara Kramer

Marsha Kraycir



Jerold Lax

Doug Lewis

Victor Lillich

Kym London

Laurie Longo

Susan Longsworth

Jennifer Dickinson Lord

Calvin Luker

Nik Lulgjuraj

Angie Iglesias Martell

Carlo Martina

Joseph X. Michaels

Jane Michener

Richard Mitchell

Brian Montoye

Judith Moskus

Scott Munzel

Randy Musbach

Sandy Musser

David Nacht

Judith New

John Owdziej

Lana Panagoulia

U. Ashwin Patel

Michael Pitt

Sarah Prescott

Marie Pulte


Steve Rich

Gayle Rosen

Craig Ross

Lillian Saba

Monika Holzer Sacks

Jennifer Salvatore

Jack Schulz

David Shand

Heidi Sharp

John Shea

Edmund Sikorski

Joseph Spiegel

Elaine Spiliopoulos

Patricia Stamler

Adam M. Taub

Kurt Vander Voort

Hunter Van Valkenburgh

John Vincent

Michael J. Vincent

Robin Wagner

Angela Walker

Kent Weichmann

Robert West

Elizabeth Kiyo Wharton 

Tom Wieder

Olga Yermalenka

Elise Yu


Judicial Officers


Molly Schikora

Washtenaw County Probate Register/Referee


Gail Altenburg
Washtenaw County Juvenile Court Referee

Campaign Team

Hedieh Briggs, Co-Chair

Kim Easter, Co-Chair

Robert Joerg, Director

Ingrid Ault, Treasurer

Disclaimer:  An endorser’s affiliation does not indicate endorsement by the of the related organization.

Mike Hood and Laurie Carpenter

Clean Water Activists

“We need folks in the judiciary who understand the needs and struggles of real people and all the obstacles they face as they try to make their lives work. … If I had to sum up Nick’s qualities in one phrase, I’d say that “Nick Roumel is no bystander.”

Mike Hood
Community Leaders

Jonas Berzanskis

Bonnie Billups

Hedieh Briggs

Andy Brush

Richard Carter

Judith Cawhorn

Penny Corbett

Janine and Steve Easter

Cathy Fleischer

Dan Freidus

Lisa Gottlieb

Mary Hall-Thiam

DaQuann W. Harrison

Jeff McGrew

Paquetta Palmer

Nadiya Ramlawi

Doug Scott

Patti Smith

Peri Stone-Palmquist

Anna Zinkel Walters

Dr. Andrew Zweifler

Professor Emeritus Internal Medicine/Co-founder of Physicians for Prevention of Gun Violence

Ruth Zweifler

Community Activist and Director, Student Advocacy Center (Ret.)

Tricia Luker

Special Education Advocate

Marcie Lipsitt

Education and Civil Rights Advocate

Laurie White

Community Activist, Psychotherapist, Mediator, Film Producer, Founding member of Zeitouna

Rossi Ray-Taylor

Educational Consultant, Former Superintendent, Ann Arbor Schools

Dr. James Hawkins

Educational Consultant, Former Superintendent Ypsilanti Schools 

Michael Appel

Affordable Housing Advocate

Ruth Kraut 

Community Activist 

Ebru Uras Herzog

Community Activist

Lynn Malinoff

Educational Leader and Consultant

Sandy Sanders

Educator and Coach


Jessica Decky Alexander

Director of Academic Engagement Programs, EMU

Joann McCollum

Community Activist

Khadija B. Wallace

President, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce


Roderick Wallace

Educational Advocate

Dr. Margaret R. Somers

Professor Emerita, UM

With Linda Carter

With Paquetta Palmer and Dana Nessel


With Ruth Zweifler, Peri Stone-Palmquist &
Bonnie Billups at the African-American Cultural History Museum Fundraiser, 12/1/19


With Ypsilanti Mayor Beth Bashert

With Campaign chair Hedieh Briggs &
Ypsilanti Twp. Trustee Monica Ross-Williams