Judges and Judicial Officers
Hon. Julia B. Owdziej

Judge, Washtenaw County Trial Court

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Judges and Judicial Officials

Hon. Nancy Wheeler

Judge, Washtenaw County Trial Court (Ret.)

Hon. Douglas Shapiro

Michigan Court of Appeals

Hon. Daniel Bain
Hon. Daniel B. Bain

Judge, 53rd District Court, Livingston County

Hon. Betty Widgeon
Hon. Betty Widgeon

 Judge, 14A District Court (Ret.)

Hon. James Giddings

Judge, Ingham County Circuit Court (Ret.)

Hon. Donald E. Shelton
Judge, Washtenaw County Circuit Court (Ret.)
Hon. Daniel Bain
Hon. John Hohman

Family Law Mediator and Arbitrator; Judge, Monroe County Probate and Family Court (ret.); Former Michigan State Court Administrator; Former Chair, Governor’s Task Force Abuse and Neglect.

Hon. Daniel Bain
Nicholas Hathaway
Wayne County Family Division Referee and Candidate, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge

“Many fine lawyers have appeared before me in my seven years on the bench as well as in my dozen years in my present capacity as a Labor Arbitrator. Roumel was among the best and was routinely well prepared, intellectually engaged, knowledgeable, and honorable in his presentation of the facts and law… an essential attribute for a judge is decency, and Roumel possesses that quality.”

Doyle O’Connor

Administrative Law Judge (Ret.) and Labor Arbitrator

Molly Schikora

Former Washtenaw County Probate Register/Referee

Gail Altenburg

Washtenaw County Juvenile Court Referee

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