Community Leaders

Jim Toy

LGBTQ Activist and Leader, Founder of the Jim Toy Community Center

“I’ve known Nick for 30 years and he’s a tireless fighter for human and  civil rights. In particular, in the 1990’s, we worked together on the “Scouting for Equality” task force to advocate for equality and inclusiveness… Nick’s knowledge is vast, he has broad experience and is committed to justice for all.  He will be an excellent judge.”

Nick’s candidacy is endorsed by 

Community Leaders

Hood and Carpenter
Mike Hood and Laurie Carpenter

Clean Water Activists

“We need folks in the judiciary who understand the needs and struggles of real people and all the obstacles they face as they try to make their lives work. … If I had to sum up Nick’s qualities in one phrase, I’d say that “Nick Roumel is no bystander.”

Lloyd Carr 

Former Michigan Football Coach

“I have known and worked with Nick Roumel for 25 years.  NIck is a knowledgeable, hard working, trusrtworthy attorney who will be an outstanding judge”

Mary Hall-Thiam
Mary Hall-Thiam

Community and Political Activist

Tom Bletcher
Tom Bletcher

Community and Political Activist

Mary Steffe Blaske
Mary Steffek Blaske

Executive Director, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra (Ret.)

Hedieh Briggs
Hedieh Briggs

Community and Political Activist

Rod Casey
Aaron P. Dworkin

Host of Arts Engines
Professor of Arts Leadership & Entrepreneurship, School of Music, Theatre & Dance; University of Michigan
Founder, The Sphinx Organization

Afa S. Dworkin

President and Artistic Director, Sphinx Organization
Faculty, Roosevelt University

ken fischer
Ken Fischer

President Emeritus of the University Musical Society (UM)

Jeff Alson
Jeff Alson

Environmental Activist

Rod Casey
Rod Casey

Political Activist

Trische’ Duckworth, founder, “Survivors Speak”
Trische’ Duckworth

Founder, “Survivors Speak”

Susan Kravitz Ayer
Nate Frazier

“Heart to Hearts” Media

Ellen Offen, Community and Political Activist
Ellen Offen

Community and Political Activist

Satish Ramade, Business Leader and Political Activist
Satish Ramade

Business Leader and Political Activist

Susan Kravitz Ayer
Susan Kravitz Ayer

Former editor/publisher Washtenaw Jewish News

William V. Hampton
William V. Hampton

Community Activist

Patrick Boeheim
Patrick Boeheim

Ann Arbor Citizens Millage Committee
Business Leader

Bunyan Bryant
Bunyan Bryant

 Environmental Justice Advocate

Michael Cox, Ann Arbor Police Chief
Michael Cox

Community Leader

Toni Kayumi, Community Activist
Toni Kayumi

Community Activist

Corey Mills, Ann Arbor Police Community Engagement
Corey Mills

Ann Arbor Police Community Engagement

Anuja Rajendra
Anuja Rajendra

Ashton Justice
Ashton Justice

Domestic Violence Survivor

Founder, Her World Initiative

Alyshia Dyer
Alyshia Dyer
Dr. Andrew Zweifler

Professor Emeritus Internal Medicine/Co-founder of Physicians for Prevention of Gun Violence

Ruth Zweifler

Community Activist and Director, Student Advocacy Center (Ret.)

Tricia Luker

Special Education Advocate

Marcie Lipsitt

Education and Civil Rights Advocate

Laurie White

Community Activist, Psychotherapist, Mediator, Film Producer, Founding member of Zeitouna

Rossi Ray-Taylor

Educational Consultant, Former Superintendent, Ann Arbor Schools

Dr. James Hawkins

Educational Consultant, Former Superintendent Ypsilanti Schools 

Michael Appel

Affordable Housing Advocate

Ruth Kraut 

Community Activist 

Ebru Uras Herzog

Community Activist

Lynn Malinoff

Educational Leader and Consultant

Sandy Sanders

Educator and Coach


Jessica Alexander
Jessica “Decky” Alexander

Director of Academic Engagement Programs, EMU

Shary Brown

Former director of AA Street Art Fair (the Original)


Khadija B. Wallace

President, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce


Roderick Wallace

Educational Advocate

Dr. Margaret R. Somers

Professor Emerita, UM

Catherine Daligga
Catherine Daligga

Community Leader


Michael White

Community Activist

Mark Passerini, Business Owner, Community Activist
Mark Passerini

Business Owner, Community Activist

Catherine Daligga
Phillis Englebert

Business Owner and Activist


Tad Wysor
Union Activist and Member, WeRO


Will Hathaway

Scio Twp. Activist & Winner of the 2020 Democratic Primary for Scio Twp. Supervisor


Jonas Berzanskis

Bonnie Billups

Andy Brush

Richard Carter

Judith Cawhorn

Caitlin Cole

Penny Corbett

Janine and Steve Easter

Cathy Fleischer

Dan Freidus

Lisa Gottlieb

Paul Guttman

Esther Hampton 

Susan and Marty Hurwitz

Roger Kerson

Denise Kirchoff

Jeff McGrew

Paquetta Palmer

Jennifer Poteat

Rev. Joe Summers

Nadiya Ramlawi

Doug Scott

Patti Smith

Peri Stone-Palmquist

Anna Zinkel Walters

Disclaimer:  An endorser's affiliation does not indicate endorsement by the of the related organization.